Brush Baby Natural Brush Cleaner

Brush Baby Natural Brush Cleaner


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Michelle P.
United States United States

Brush Baby is Out of this World. (Pun intended)

Nothing like clean makeup brushes! I have to say I have tried many different products and this one is by far the best. Quick and easy, no muss, no fuss! And it lasts so long. So eco friendly for the planet, the person and the wallet!!! Buying them for holiday gifts for my staff this year!

erica r.
United States United States

brushes clean and soft

I absolutely love the Brush Baby makeup brush cleanser. It is very easy to use and the brushes come out so clean and so soft. I have made this product part of my weekly routine and my face has been considerably clearer.

Dani O.
United States United States

Best brush cleaner

I love the Brush Baby! As a makeup artist keeping your brushes sanitary is very important and needs to be done in a short amount of time! Brush Baby helps me achieve both of these goals!

Carina F.
United States United States

super easy

Brush Baby Natural Brush Cleaner has been a lifesaver for me and my makeup brushes. In the past I’d rarely clean my brushes, often just tossing them for new ones. With Brush Baby, I clean them more often and it’s so simple….thank you for saving my brushes lives!

Matthew A.
United States United States

Makeup artist must

I hand clean all my brushes and this just made it a lot easier. Genius!! – Matthew Ambrosio

Ginny A.
United States United States

fast and easy brush cleaner

Love this product! I just cleaned all my brushes and they are like new – Ginny A

Casey T.
United States United States

lasts forever

I received Life on Mars products as a gift so I had never used it before, but I love it! My favorite product I got was the Brush Baby Natural Brush Cleaner. I use it religiously! It is so easy to use, you basically wet your brushes and then swipe it around the container a couple times and it comes off like magic! I love this make up brand, I definitely recommend!