The Satelite Kit - The Perfect Skin Care Routine

The Satelite Kit - The Perfect Skin Care Routine

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Curbside Peel/ With Silicone Brush

Organic Nova Energizing Face Oil

Sirius Eye Cream

Organic Libra Mist

Weightless Foundation/concealer ( Your Choice of Color) please add note at checkout.

With all the Zoom meetings  we're doing right now, we need to look our very best.  Life on Mars beauty 5 steps to camera ready you'll look gorgeous for your next teleconference and not like you just rolled out of bed do this once a week for optimum results

1 .On a clean skin apply a thin layer of our enzyme peel – CURBSIDE PEEL. You may feel a slight tingle, perfectly fine. It's working to unearth the grime in between your skin cells.

Leave on for up to 12 minutes.Take  the bulk  off with a clean sponge or washcloth-  splash cool water 10 times until peel is completely removed- 

2. Apply  2 drops of Nova treatment oil to hydrate, heal and protect freshly exfoliated skin.

3 Dab on a dose of micronized silver and oxygen rich SIRIUS EYE CREAM to tone and tighten delicate under eye skin-Use your ring finger which is the weakest finger on the hand so as not to damage skin.

4. Spray on  our toner/elixir LIBRA MIST to move all of this goodness into the skin and further feed the skin with hyaluronic acid and sea minerals-Give it five minutes to penetrate.

5. Apply one of our  concealer/foundations  underneath the eyes and anywhere else you need a little bit of coverage or to eliminate darkness and shadows.

Results beautiful glass skin!!

You can add a flick of organic TWINKS mascara and a swipe TAURI organic clear gloss to finish the look if desired.

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