Multi-Use Beauty and Skin Products that Up Your Skin Care Game

cynthia sansone

Posted on January 21 2021

Multi-Use Beauty and Skin Products that Up Your Skin Care Game

If there’s just one thing we love more than great skin care products, it’s great skin care products that multitask.

Most days, we like our skin care products to be simple, luxurious and efficient and if one of those products can help us in a multitude of ways... we are all in!! 

Libra Hydrating Mist and Elixer does just that.  This four-in-one balancing spray can be used as a toner, hydrator, treatment enhancer and skin refresher. Talk about multipurpose.

With its hyaluronic acid prepare for hydrated, plump and nourished skin, every time. 

Here are four ways your skin will love it most: 

1. After cleansing your face, spray liberally.  No matter what type of facial wash you use, most likely you will alter the pH balance of your skin. When skin is at a optimal pH level it has superior barrier function, better moisture retention,  and less incidences of conditions like eczema, rosace and acne. Balancing the PH is a must!

2. Libra's sea mineral content mimics the minerals in your blood plasma, improving absorption of all products with its osmotic action. Try spraying it on top of any of our face oils or serum’s to help move the product effectively into the cellular level. After spraying Libra Mist, give it a few moments to maximize the potency of the ingredients before diluting with any of your moisturizers.

3. Moisten your make up brushes with Libra Mist before applying your foundation (cream or liquid based) . This multi-use potion, jam packed with Hyaluronic Acid and the oceans rich sea minerals will ensure that you are not dry brushing your face (not sweeping dead skin cells back into your skin along with your foundation) ,and instead getting a beautiful hydrated finish 

4. Just spray this skin food onto your face anytime you’re feeling dry or need a refresher, and watch as it instantly hydrates and gives you an uplifting glow. 

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