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Life on Mars Beauty™ is the brainchild of veteran makeup artist and President of the Cancer Charity Mondays at Racine (MARS), Cynthia Sansone.


Cynthia Sansone

 After a long career at Chanel Cosmetics and having a love for luxury makeup, in 2002 she began a community charity (with all of her sisters) providing beauty treatment for cancer patients at the Racine Salon in Islip New York.

Creating makeup looks for brides, prom-goers or for anyone needing her skills began to pale in comparison to the extreme joy she felt transforming women in treatment who were fighting the fight of their life. She often says, “The mirror is a powerful tool, it can cut you like a knife or be a presentation of a dozen roses.” 

Cynthia thought, “Why am I putting ANY questionable chemicals on these women when they are already bombarded with the chemicals to save their lives?”

She sought the savvy of her daughter Rosemary Berger, a nurse and esthetician, to create a small line of safe beauty products to offer these clients. Upon quickly selling out to all of the Mondays clients and to her regular makeup clients who wanted to be a part of this new Clean Beauty Revolution, they wanted more, and Life on Mars Beauty™ was born.

MARS being the acronym for Mondays at Racine, and also an amazing song by David Bowie - an artist this designer loves.

Cynthia has also been credited for her work in documentary film Mondays at Racine, an HBO Academy Award nominated film about the now million dollar charity, and the creation of a lash line, Lash of Dreams in collaboration with Japonesque cosmetics, given freely to any women in treatment.



At Life on Mars Beauty™ we want all women (and men!) to make the switch from toxic makeup and beauty products to healthy, safe skin care products that will naturally improve your skin.

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