The Best Acne Skincare

cynthia sansone

Posted on February 04 2023

The Best Acne Skincare

On a daily basis there are many life situations can assault the skin and  accelerate the aging process. These elements  can also bring on the dreaded ACNE.

Whether its  hormones, smoggy city air, stress, or an uneducated skin care purchase with a sensitivity to a particular ingredient that you never had before -this could be your day for a breakout.

The whole idea about using acne products isn’t to dry out your skin. Surprisingly it is to balance sensitive skin. That’s why your traditional benzoyl peroxide products only work for a short amount of time, and end up irritating to your tender birthday suit.


Here’s what we suggest:


1.Milky Way Lavender or Grapefruit Cleanser used in the morning will start your skin off with the right pH and hydration after 8 hours of not drinking water.

2. The magical Andromeda Mist . It's not only a toner its a light antibacterial exfoliation step breaking through the barriers of dead skin, Its antifungal and  antiviral . This preps your skin for the next two steps.


3.Vega oil 2-4 drops YES.. I know… I said OIL!  Do not fear. Remember we are  balancing sensitive skin. Even though we’re creating a dryer surface skin we’re hydrating as well . Healthy Omegas in a synergistic balance with Tea tree and Thyme get into the pores and start softening hardened keratinized cells that may clog up and caused you those breakouts.


4. Maru Balancing Moisturizer to protect the epidermis from daily assaults and stop new alien invaders from entering your skin, red clay from Hawaii will continue the balancing process by drying up any over,oily secretions, and the hyaluronic acid benefit will hydrate without heaviness.

5.Neptune cleanser is a superior, gentle exfoliating cleanser perfect for nighttime to takeoff the day. makeup dirt and grime. It’s dark green appearance is due to a very high amount of laminaria and probiotic levels, which is great for sensitive skin.MEN LOVE THIS!


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