Healthy Hair Bundle

Healthy Hair Bundle

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This quad of products raises  the bar to promote a clean healthy scalp and helps to invigorate healthy hair growth. 

Anghooli Shampoo

Natural, seaweed-based shampoo enriched with apple cider vinegar, marine algae, and a relaxing blend of essential oils. Nourishes the scalp, and addresses itchiness while adding sheen and luster.

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Gentilly Conditioner

A rich, detangling conditioner composed of natural plant & marine active ingredients. It restores elasticity to hair while aiding in protection from thermal damage.

Halo Scalp Oil

5 reasons you should be using this multi-functioning hair and scalp remedy.

1. Gently exfoliates and eradicates bacteria from the epidermis, freeing it from dandruff flakes and dead skin cells that suffocate an unbalanced scalp.
2. Tea Tree and Juniper reduce inflammation and bacteria to the scalp that are damaged due to psoriasis, over pulling from extensions, post Covid hair loss, giving birth, over processed hair, and so much more -promoting healthy scalp tissue within 5 minutes of application.
3. Corrects damaged follicles from medicinal predators that prey on fast-growing cells- great for hair going through and post-cancer treatment. Reduces pain and irritation due to fall out stage and helps hair grow back in a more cylindrical less damaged and stronger way.
4. Rosemary resuscitates scalp health by rejuvenating nerves in skin with oxygen. CBD, Lavender, and Thyme decrease redness, itchiness, and sebum from hormonally charged glands and battles the auto immune response like a champ.
5. Omegas provide deep absorption of all ingredients and add a protective layer.

Scalp Massager Tool .

Strengthen  and stimulate hair follicles for healthier  hair, while releasing tension on head and face  with our non-porous  silicone scalp massager-  fits perfectly in the palm of your hand for easy comfortable use.Flexible silicone bristles gently form to the scalp to help stimulate circulation, exfoliate skin, and break down built up residue for a complete cleanse.

Good for use on all hair types, wet or dry hair, with or without halo oil. Be gentle when invigorating the scalp.


  • Organic Botanicals
  • Organic Essential Oils
  • Paraben-Free
  • Sustainable Harvesting
  • Power Antioxidants
  • No Sulfates
  • No Mineral Oil
  • Natural Colors + Fragrances
  • Gluten-Free
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Vegan
  • Made in the USA