Super Natural and Smooth

Super Natural and Smooth

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Specifically made Smooth for all Skin Types.

Rediscover what healthy breathing skin feels like and resurface the new skin underneath

We all have waxy substance called sebum that  builds up to protect the skin thru-out the day.

It ends up getting hard preventing new healthy cells from coming  to the surface. Using exfoliation techniques that aren’t inflammatory is one of the best ways to support healthy cell turnover which gets sluggish as you age

Take a nickel size amount of Beta Glycolic Cleanser and suds up your face and the Back of your hands while your at it.

Don’t rinse.

Take a dime size amount of Lift Off exfoliator and buff it in a circular motion on your face and don’t forget the back of those hands.

Rinse thoroughly and use a healthy anti-aging SPF to protect as you warrior thru your day.

As a bonus we are adding a weightless foundation in your color choice( leave in notes, blend under the eyes or anywhere on the face for additional coverage.