5 Tips for Naturally Flawless Skin

cynthia sansone

Posted on May 27 2020

5 Tips for Naturally Flawless Skin

1. Exfoliation is key.

No treatment will ever absorb into your skin if you have a hard shield of impenetrable dead cells  suffocating the new skin that’s waiting to be born.
Life On Mars Beauty Lift-Off Cleanser or a weekly Curbside -Peel will do the trick.

2.Face Serum and why you need it

Face serums should be one of the most important things you spend your money on. It is where the strongest concentration of antioxidants, decongesting, reduction of redness, firming, hydration, and balancing will come from.They are more advanced and it is what you should spend you money on. Organic Energizing Nova Oil or Oxygen Serum are our picks.

3. Please Cleanse at Night.
Free skin of the dirt, bacteria, grime, and  wrinkle causing oxidants that you’ve accumulated during the day. By waking up with clean skin there is no reason to deep cleanse and alter the pH balance again. Instead, splash with water and get rid of any eye crumbs. Our picks-Life on Mars Beauty Bubbles or Neptune Cleanser

4. Night Creams Focus on Skin Recovery

No one goes eight hours a day without drinking or eating a thing unless you’re asleep. Those eight hours, while your organs are detoxifying your skin is really thirsty. Night becomes the most optimal time to get the most hydration. Our pick- Life On Mars Beauty Good Night Moon

5. Exfoliate and protect those lips 

Lips help you talk, help you communicate, help you eat, and make you look younger. The less attention and protection you give them the faster they will age. I like to give them a daily soft scrub with my toothbrush after brushing my teeth and only use organic lipsticks and lip glosses on them. Life On Mars Beauty lip glosses actually act as a lip treatment, with ingredients like-Shea butter cocoa, coconut oil, lemon, carrot, cinnamon and rosemary. Life on Mars Beauty Nirvana Lip treatment plumps and treats too.

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