The Milky Way Manicure

cynthia sansone

Posted on April 16 2024

The Milky Way Manicure

Milky Way Nails or The Glazed Donut Nail recently retrended , but in reality this look is simply incapable of going out of style. Its timeless, feminine and elegant.

Saint Polish by Life on Mars Beauty is the perfect choice  for this classic- 11 free and somewhat translucent, it seamlessly covers your natural nail.

Saint looks great on every skin tone and nail shape. We are loving the very ladylike oval as it elongates the fingers and nail beds, but any shape that suits you works. The color is simple and goes with every outfit, and the added bonus is the less opaque your nail color, the less you are able to see chips and smudges.

It makes it very low maintenance manicure. High fashion Low maintenance.Music to our ears.

1.Clean your nails with nail polish remover 

2. Apply Vega Oil to cuticle to soften and feed nail bed. Leave on for 2 minutes Push back cuticles softly..

3.File and buff to desired shape. Make sure you have a smooth surface before you begin polishing

4.Exfoliate dead skin and get rid of scaliness to improve the appearance on your hands and arms with Mariner.      Mariner Organic Exfoliating Body Wash, Lemongrass and Spearmint

5.Use your orangewood stick to clean any dirt under the nail

6.Wash hand thoroughly to remove any debris. Dry well

7 Moisturize well with Space Glow Laminaria Body Oil, or if you prefer a lotion  HydraMoon Body lotion with Porphyra. You can also mix these 2 for the ultimate in pampering

      Space Glow Hydrating Body Oil  with Laminaria and Hemp Oil

      Hydra Moon –Thick and Creamy Organic Body Moisturizer with Porphyra Red Algae

8 Apply one coat of Start Me Up Base Coat to hydrate and protect nails. Let that dry.

      Start Me Up Base Coat + Nail Conditioner

* tip - Wait 2 full minutes before each coat 

9 Apply 2 thin coats of Saint 11 free polish, let dry between each coat

      SAINT- Sheer White

10 Finish with Desert Star high gloss top coat for a five minute dry. Be careful with this last step as it appears to be so clear that you don't notice imperfections  , but you will notice when its dry.

      Desert Star Quick-Drying Top Coat


Milky Manicure is a great clean confident and hip girl aesthetic!!!! 

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