Yikes, my beauty products are pilling.

cynthia sansone

Posted on November 10 2022

Stop the pilling, smooth skin made easy.

Ever put your foundation and concealer on only to take a deeper look and see balls of skin or product rolling around your face? Here's why and here is how to avoid it.


First and most importantly make sure your skin is exfoliated. Often times dead skin cells will accumulate on the surface and when you are brushing on your makeup you are also raking up dead skin cells that then mix with foundation, concealer, creams, etc creating globs of peeling skin. Curbside Peel once a week will dissolve and melt away grime, and flake in and around the skin cells. This is the most important step.


Equally important is to make sure your makeup tools are clean. Brushes, sponges, and even dirty fingers can disturb the clean application of skincare and makeup. Besides spreading bacteria, and abetting dryness, and wrinkles, can not achieve a seamless application with dirty makeup tools.


The next no-no is layering on too many and too many product, without allowing adequate time for absorption. Begin with thoroughly cleansed, exfoliated skin to allow products to sink in easily. Start with the lightest formulas to end with the heaviest -


1. Toner/ Elixer  

2. Serums and Oils 

3. Creams.


Make certain you let products sit and absorb before applying the next. I always say, "Put your Oxygen Serum on and then go make the bed or have that second cup of coffee.-come back to your makeup table and apply your cream".


Why would you want to dilute any of the precious ingredients with other products? Let each product do its work. Less is more and please allow adequate time for absorption.


The third tip to try if you have a persistent pilling problem is to use complementing formulas. Often times water and oil don't sit well on the skin and can separate and repel each other. It's best, but not a rule to use an oil-based moisturizer with an oil-based foundation like Nova Oil with Weightless Foundation or isotonic water-based Ra Cream with a water-based foundation like Space Face Ethereal. You get the picture.

Golden Rule is before ditching any product that you love, make sure your skin is properly hydrated and exfoliated.


The skin, like your soul, will always beam from under when cleansed of the grime that binds it.

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