Bounce your way to flawless seamless skin

cynthia sansone

Posted on October 19 2022

Bounce your way to flawless seamless skin

How to use a Foundation Blending Sponge

*Totally saturate the foundation sponge and squeeze out the water till blender is damp and plump.For liquid foundations:

*Pump desired amount of product onto sponge and bounce or stipple,(don't drag) pushing product onto skin. Use the pointy end to fine tune and pinpoint blemishes and seamlessly smooth concealer under eye.For Weightless Cream:

*Dip the damp sponge directly in to the product compact,apply where needed.

*Start from the inner face working your way out.

*The wetter the sponge ,the sheerer the application, conversely if you want heavier coverage- use the sponge dry.

*Use dry sponge to apply loose powder and bake or set. Remove excess powder with powder brush

*Spritz setting spray on sponge and dab under eyes and face for all day budgeproof makeup

Just as you wash your makeup brushes, your blender needs to be cleaned.

*Swipe blender onto Brush Baby Soap Cake Use a silicone makeup mitt or use the textured palm of your rubber gloves and create some friction to scrub the stains away.

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